Coulter's Candy

The song Coulter’s Candy is a national treasure. You’ll love Alastair McDonald’s wonderful singing and Shona Lenaghan’s beautiful artwork with colourful sweeties designed by schoolchildren in Galashiels all brought to life by the fabulous animators at D Fie Foe. Awthegither noo…Ally Bally Ally Bally Bee…

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Wee Jenny is in the gairden. She is sitting in the sunshine and eating a cheese and lettuce piece. But some o her freends come along and they are aw hungry. What will Jenny dae? Watch fantastic storyteller Susi Briggs tell the tale o kind wee Jenny and the braw cheese piece. Yum!

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Fireworks Aff the Castle

Fireworks aff the castle goin WHEECH WHEECH WHEECH. This Scots poem is about fireworks and blethers and sweeties and lots of other fun things. Written by Matthew Fitt, it is read and performed by bairns all over Scotland. A film and animations of Fireworks Aff the Castle can be enjoyed on BBC Bitesize.


Jordan's New Jaiket

Jordan cannae find his new jaiket. Oh no! Help him find out where it is and who's wearing his bonnie new yella jaiket. A colourful story in easy to read Scots for young readers.


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