Tam o Shanter

Introducing Tam o Shanter: The Comic. Follow Tam’s timeless adventure from howff to kirk to brig as imagined by brilliant comic artist Gary Welsh in Robert Burns’ most famous poem.

Read the Scots Hoose version of Tam o Shanter in this brand new comic.

 Tam o Shanter: The Comic in full colour (82 MB)

 Tam o Shanter: The Comic in black & white

Tam o Shanter: Original text by Robert Burns


Tam o Shanter: The Comic (video)

Listen to writer and actor Hamish MacDonald reading Robert Burns’ original Tam o Shanter illustrated by comic artist Gary Welsh.

The Twa Corbies 

A new film of the old Scots ballad The Twa Corbies featuring Alastair McDonald. Beautifully captured by film director David Kotrba, this film from Scots Hoose is a unique opportunity to reflect on the meaning of this timeless Scots poem.

The Twa Corbies - text


Sharleen: Ah'm Shy

Janet Paisley's famous poem about coming of age portrayed beautifully by Helen Mallon. Shot by filmmaker Douglas King, this film brings the perfectly written character of the half shy, half gallus Sharleen to a whole new generation.

Sharleen: Ah'm Shy - text

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William Letford’s poem has a homecoming, a busker and a macaroni pie. It is about seeing fire in familiar things and stopping to listen as the world hurries on. This powerful Scots poem is given a new voice by a group of talented young actors and film crew from Dunfermline High School and the team of brilliant filmmakers at Anim8s.

This is it by William Letford - text

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Hear the waves crash off the harbour wall and taste the salty Scots rhymes in Gerda Stevenson's original Scots poem, Newhaven. Written for Scotland's Year of Coasts and Waters and in honour of environmental skolstrejkare Greta Thunberg, this poem celebrates the life and times of Newhaven harbour near Edinburgh. Let Gerda's evocative reading of her rich Scots poem transport you to the shores of the majestic Firth of Forth. 

Newhaven, Newhaven, sing tae me,

ma hame, Newhaven, wi yer dancin sea!

  Newhaven read by Gerda Stevenson (6.5 Mb)

  Newhaven by Gerda Stevenson - text


Nae Day Sae Dark 

William Soutar's haunting poem Nae Day Sae Dark was the inspiration for a sculpture in Perth High Street. This poetry film made by St John's Academy, Perth and read by Millie McIntyre celebrates the bond between William Soutar and his native city.

  Nae Day Sae Dark - text

Weelcome the Lord o Licht

Gavin Douglas was a Scottish poet who translated the Latin epic poem The Aeneid into Scots. Lewis Smith's film celebrates the rising sun from a scene in Douglas' famous translation. In his lifetime, Gavin Douglas also served as Bishop of Dunkeld. This lyrical Scots welcome to the sun is read by the current Bishop of Dunkeld, the Right Reverend Stephen Robson.

   Weelcome the Lord o Licht -